Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Face of Love

Most of the ideas I get for new songs come from my wife. See, while I'm wasting my windshield time listening to grown men babble about how bad the Bengals and Reds are, she actually listens to music in the car and comes home with some really good songs. So last week she came to me with this song she heard by Sanctus Real called "The Face of Love". I listened, liked it, and started thinking of when and where I could use it.

Yesterday I was listening to it and trying to learn it for an upcoming Sunday where I think it might fit. I got to this certain line in the bridge, and I honestly couldn't sing it without tearing up. That never happens to me - NEVER - so I started the song over and tried again. Same thing. Weird. When I got home that evening and tried to tell this story to Suzanne, I started choking up just trying to say the lyrics.

So here are the lyrics. In reference to Jesus, the singer says "no one too lost for You to love, no one too low for You to serve". Man that hit me hard! But why? I really had some questions to ask of myself.

Have I ever given up on people who I think are "too far gone"? Sure have. Have I ever thought that I was better than someone else or that someone's needs didn't warrant my time, effort, or resources? You betcha. But Jesus never has.

I'm sure I will be thinking about this for a while. This lyric just will not leave my head. I just pray that I can put it into action.

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  1. Nice post...

    I immediately think about who that is for me.